Dude... you're F@ck3d Up

Melody Gardot, Singer/Song writer

Delightfully Sick

Flash Rosenberg. NYC, Artish/Cartoonist

They're disgusting

Jill Conway, LCSW, My personal therapist

You'll never get published

Rick Penn-Kraus, Artist/ Cartoonist & my 2nd instructor

Visual Stupidity

Todd Schreiber , Artist & my son

You're sick

My Mother

Don't quit your day job

John whelpley, Writer/Producer/Director, Creator, Tv Series, (Body & Soul.) Series

Neal Yamamoto, Cartoonist & my 1st Teacher

You are a warped man (my highest compliment)

Dan fante, Author & Poet

I actually found a couple of them funny

Our infamous Dr. Michael found cartooning schools to learn to draw the cartoon with the joke and had great support from the teachers, comments like, “Are you serious? You actually drew this and think people will understand what the hell it is? OR even more exciting after reviewing your work the instructor suggest you should just go home and throw all of your pencils and pens away