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June 6, 2018
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June 6, 2018
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Unbriled Passion

UNBRIDLED PASSION (Digital e-book)


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Starting fresh, this time he had no leftover cartoons with words. It was all brand new again and a wonderful challenge to again dig deep into his creative self and make art and jokes transform into a full cartoons. Prepared and excited Dr. Michael went to work a medical doctor by day and a writer and dad by night he was in full plume when personal tragedy befell his life. A story not worth telling but a defining time in his life, all his creativity came to a complete stop.


For 6 months Dr. Michael was quiet, nothing new and nothing different. Swirling around in his personal tragedy his writing and cartooning was gone. Like most things in our life what was once painful and demanding on day begins to change and ease up a bit and the light of life just starts to shine through and with it so did his creativity. He remembers seeing a sign and it read “Live Nude Girls”, his brain quickly responded with as opposed to what, “Dead Nude Girls” It was at that exact moment his brain came back to life It was a rebirth for Dr. Schreiber, from trauma to the fields of comedy and cartoons. Once again Dr. Michael was back on track and so was book 3.


Time and change showed in the style of his cartooning and jokes only to make them funnier and more brilliant. His cartooning opened up and his artistic challenges began to fall away allowing things like perfect shadows and the styles of his cartoon characters faces became more brilliant and telling. A half completed book three was quickly becoming a completed book three.

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